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25 Unique Hand Logos

In today's blog post, Logoinspirations compiled 25 beautiful and unique hand logos that they came across while exploring logos online. We hope this collection of logos stimulates your creativity 👋.

25 Unique Hand Logos
Steady Hand

1. Steady Hand

by Candor

Whand with flower

2. Whand with flower

by Sara Nicely


3. Friends

by Colin Miller

High Five

4. High Five

by Author Uknown

Hand Skull

5. Hand Skull

by Stevan Rodic


6. Autism

by Nicholas Hood

City Square

7. City Square

by Ryan Breault

Plant Mark

8. Plant Mark

by Ryan Prudhomme


9. Hands

by Author Unknown

A variation

10. A variation

by Sara Nicely

Hand In Hand

11. Hand In Hand

by Aiste


12. Hand

by Yondr Studio

Hand Wheat

13. Hand Wheat

by Kakha Kakhadzen


14. Bird

by Julius Seniūnas


15. CM

by Cristina Martinez

Branding Hands

16. Branding Hands

by Rocky Roark


17. Movers

by Ramotion

Help One Another

18. Help One Another

by Steve Wolf

Hand Outline

19. Hand Outline

by Stevan Rodic

Hand Wheat

20. Hand Wheat

by Kakha Kakhadzen


21. NF

by Alen Pavlovic

Hand / Heart

22. Hand / Heart

by Dimitrije Mikovic


23. Altapp

by Logo machine

Knead Massage

24. Knead Massage

by Damian Orellana

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