How to join a design challenge?

Design challenges are a way to engage and interact with our community. Most of the times these design challenges are not sponsored and they don’t offer any prizes. It’s purely to practice your skill or show off. In return you will get exposure on the platform. We are always contacting possible sponsors in order to get prizes for the winners of the challenge.

Step 1: Select

Go to “Challenges” and select the challenge you would like to participate in. Note: You can always do another challenge but you will not get any rewards or features.

Step 2: Read

Read the guidelines for the challenge and register the deadline in your agenda.

Step 3: Design

Design for the challenge, you’re the boss, so put in the hours that you would like.

Step 4: Share

Share the end result on Instagram through #welovechallenge[Number of the challenge]. You will find the number of the challenge in the subtitle on the Challenge page.

Step 5: Win

Wait until we show the results from challenge and find out if you've won!

Want to host a challenge? Check out the Hosting a challenge page.